Tweet comparing days of the week to sums goes viral with everyone in agreement

Everybody knows that Mondays can be dreary, with Fridays feeling a little more upbeat in the lead up to the weekend.

But what if there was a maths sum that described each day of the week that somehow just made absolute perfect sense?

A Twitter user has gained over 82,000 retweets and 707,000 likes on a Tweet that said: “I can’t explain it but 5 x 5 = 25 gives off the same energy as Friday.”

Despite not being able to explain why, the internet totally agreed with the tweet, with many users responding to the theory.

One Twitter user responded: “3×3=9 gives off Monday vibes.”

Another added: “It makes so much sense!”

That wasn’t all though, the thread continued, and the user began to describe other days of the week as sums.

She continued: “And 7×7=49 is Thursday, and 7×3=21 is Wednesday.”

Another Twitter account responded describing the days of the week as colours, which also got over 400 likes.

It said: “Thursday is brown, Wednesday is green, Tuesday is blue, Monday is yellow.”

Although the tweets seem like random thoughts, there may actually be some logic to them, according to Dr Tom Crawford, a mathematics tutor at Oxford University.

He said: “These tweets are linked with ‘synesthesia’, where experiences in one sense lead to involuntary experiences in another.

“The most common examples are associating certain numbers with colours or a position in space, eg. 1980 appearing further away than 1990 or the number 16 appearing green.

“This can be taken even further with something called ordinal linguistic personification where someone associates a personality with a number.”

Recorded examples of synesthesia date back to 1893 in the work of Flournoy, a Swiss psychologist who had some interesting theories on personifying numbers.

He said: “One, two, three are children without fixed personalities; they play together.

“Four is a good, peaceful woman, absorbed by down-to-earth occupations and who takes pleasure in them.

“Five is a young man, ordinary and common in his tastes and appearance, but extravagant and self-centered.”

He continues, describing number six as a “young man of 16 and 17, who is very well brought up and polite.”

Interestingly, it would seem that the number nine has negative connotations, as Flournoy personified the number as “self-centered, maniacal, selfish and grumpy” in his work.

This theory would back up the claim of one Twitter user who responded: “9×7 = 63 is definitely Monday.” – associating the negative number nine with a day that a lot of people dread.

So as random as these Tweets may seem, there may be some hidden logic behind them after all.