Woman mortified after botched eyebrow tint ‘looks like it was done by Sharpie’

It’s always a nail-biting moment – sitting in the salon, waiting for the big reveal on the treatment you’ve just had.

And if you’ve had your eyebrows done, it’s even more worry-inducing – considering they’re a stand out feature on a person’s face and pretty difficult to ignore.

One woman seems to have had our worst fears realised after getting her eyebrows tinted in her local salon.

Upon seeing the final result, she was less than impressed with the beautician who had tinted her eyebrows, which were several shades darker than she’d expected.

Sydney Woy posted a video on TikTok revealing her very dark eyebrows and said: “I just got my eyebrows threaded and tinted and please tell me why it looks like they drew on my face with Sharpies.”

The Sun reports she the joked: “I hope my next breath is my last.”

The video, which was posted just a few days ago, has already been viewed nearly 6 million times as people sympathised with blonde Sydney’s very dark eyebrows.

Some viewers couldn’t believe at how dark they were, and shared their shock in the comments.

A few people suggested that perhaps the beautician had forgotten to remove the tint – while others joked he or she should serve a life sentence in prison for leaving Sydney with significantly darker eyebrows than she’d expected.

Others simply couldn’t understand how a trained professional could have deliberately given Sydney such dark eyebrows.

Some people tried to reassure Sydney that she needn’t worry about the dramatic look of her eyebrows and put her mind at ease.

One person wrote: “They’re dark the first day because it’s fresh.”

But the reassurances fell on deaf ears as Sydney replied saying she’s been having hey eyebrows tinted for seven years – and they’ve never been this shade.

Other helpful people have tried to offer advice on how best to lighten the tint – some of which Sydney tried.

Documenting her attempts in a second video, she said she mixed baking soda and shampoo to try and get the dye off, but she was concerned she might have a “chemical reaction” on her face, given that the technician had already scrubbed her face with hand sanitiser.

Giving the home remedy a go, Sydney then scrubbed away at her face to try and rube the mixture off her brows – while complaining it was quite a painful process.

Sadly, although she tried to convince herself the remedy had improved the appearance of her eyebrows, Sydney realised it probably hadn’t helped and asked herself: “who am I kidding?”