AMD will announce new CPUs and GPUs on livestream taking place alongside CES, here’s what to expect

AMD has announced it will be hosting its 2022 product livestream event on January 4, the same day as Intel and Nvidia hold their respective CES 2022 events. Hosted by CEO Dr. Lisa Su and streamed on the company’s website, we’ll get a taste of team red’s latest Radeon graphics solutions and Ryzen CPUs.

AMD’s Product Premier livestream starts at 10 am EST (7 am PT) on Tuesday, January 4. That puts it one hour before GPU rival Nvidia’s CES keynote address begins (8 am PT) and three hours before Intel’s CES press conference (10 am PT). AMD’s event isn’t actually part of CES; it just takes place alongside it.

As for what to expect during the livestream, much of it is likely to focus on AMD’s new Rembrandt CPU/APU line set to appear in the next generation of thin and powerful laptops.

Both the Ryzen 6000H and Ryzen 6000U chips will likely be unveiled, with the former said to be based on the 6nm process node and feature Zen3+ technology, RDNA 2 graphics, a TDP of 35-45W, and a maximum of 8 cores/16 threads. The RDNA 2 integration should be especially interesting.

We could also hear more about Zen 3D V-Cache Vermeer-X CPUs.

AMD has confirmed that the Ryzen processor refresh is coming in early 2022 and will offer a 15 percent performance uplift over current Ryzen 5000 series CPUs.

AMD is also promising to highlight new Radeon GPUs during its event. The Radeon RX 6500 XT and Radeon RX 6400 could be shown off, along with a possible refresh of some other Radeon RX 6000 products. Whether they’re actually in stock and don’t cost a small fortune upon release is an entirely different matter.