People warned to keep an eye out for ‘walnut-sized lumps’ on their Christmas trees

It’s not long until Christmas is finally here, with final preparations for the special day well and truly underway.

But if you’ve got a real Christmas tree in your home, you might want to keep an eye on it – so as not to have your festive season messed up by unwelcome guests.

That’s because those who have bought trees have been warned to look out for brown walnut-sized lumps, which look similar to pine cones hidden in the branches – as it may actually be a sac of 100-200 praying mantis eggs.

Experts have said the temperature inside our homes could speed up the time it takes to hatch the eggs, meaning your living could be crawling with bugs if you don’t spot it first.

A Facebook post that went viral on a previous Christmas is being re-shared online as a warning after a man found two of the clumps on his tree and advised others on the best way to deal with the problem.

A man named Daniel Reed previously wrote “If you happen to see a walnut-sized/shaped egg mass on your Christmas tree, don’t fret, clip the branch and put it in your garden. These are 100-200 praying mantis eggs!

“We had two egg masses on our tree this year. Don’t bring them inside they will hatch and starve!”

Something similar also happened to Molly Kreuze, from Springfield, Virginia, in the US, back in 2019 and she had brought home the exact same kind of Norway spruce tree that we’re buying in this country.

Experts in Norwegian trees told The Bristol Post that the clumps are rare in this country, but have been discovered here too – along with lice, mites, moths and spiders, who like to find a nice spot inside a Christmas tree to hibernate, but then wake up thinking it’s spring because of the warm temperatures inside the home.

Daniel’s post has since garnered over 16,000 likes and been shared more than 186,000 times and although it may be easy to dismiss the advice, plenty of people left comments to say the same had happened to them.

One person replied: “We had a tree with one in and we didn’t know until they hatched. They were everywhere.”

A second person admitted: “That s**t happened to me a few years ago it was crazy, went to my in-laws house came back to a bunch of little bugs, found out they were praying mantises.”

While another added: “I think I have PTSD from when it happened to us.”

So it’s probably worth taking a few minutes out of your day to have a look at your tree.