Perfect Christmas dinner according to Brits has eight slices of meat and six desserts

The classic Christmas dinner is always worth the year-long wait, guaranteed to be a plate stacked full of delicious festive favourites.

But a study of the perfect Christmas dinner according to the UK has revealed a lot more food than you might expect.

Next has surveyed over 2,000 Brits to find out exactly what they have on their plate at Christmas, and the results are interesting.

There’s always controversy surrounding sprouts, not to mention whether the classic Yorkshire pudding should be on your plate at Christmas.

However, the figures are in and the sprout debate has been settled, with 43 per cent of Brits who believe their Christmas dinner isn’t complete without the vegetable.

Data shows that 31 per cent of Brits would rather avoid sprouts completely, and 61 per cent agree that roast potatoes are essential.

In terms of how many roast potatoes, Brits agreed that four on a plate was the perfect amount for the special day.

But what about a festive tipple? Surprisingly, Brits prefer a cup of tea over a glass of Bucks Fizz which may be hard for some to believe.

It was also revealed that the UK drinks more cups of tea on Christmas Day than Bucks Fizz, with 65 per cent having at least one cup, and only 40 per cent having a Bucks Fizz.

At least 57 per cent of Brits chose their favourite alcoholic tipple as wine (white, red, or rose) and 23 per cent admitted to drinking three or more glasses, which is basically a bottle.

In terms of the ultimate Christmas Dinner, let’s just say you’re going to have to have a big appetite to complete it.

The data shows that the perfect feast consists of eight slices of meat, three pigs in blankets, three stuffing balls, three spoonfuls of gravy, and 17 portions of vegetables.

Luckily for us, our ‘eating clothes’ usually consist of 33 per cent casual wear and 33 per cent pyjamas, so at least there’s room for more food.

Soft drinks like lemonade and cola take the crown with an average of 2.5 being consumed on Christmas day, with cups of tea and coffee following.

Caffeine over alcohol may make perfect sense, since 30 per cent of us are apparently opening our presents first thing in the morning.

Straight spirits, Bucks Fizz and champagne all scored the lowest, with soft drinks hitting the top spot.

Soft drink – 2.5

Tea – 2.3

Coffee – 2.3

Wine (red, rose, white) – 2.0

Beer – 1.9

Spirits and mixer – 1.8

Prosecco – 1.6

Straight spirits – 1.5

Bucks Fizz – 1.5

Champagne – 1.5